At S3 Club Connect, we are committed to serving our community and assisting with the education needs of families.  This is more than just “sit and study.” We will incorporate arts enrichment activities and give students an opportunity to socialize within a safe, socially distanced environment, all while staying in compliance with current health guidelines and regulations.


Students will be supervised by a certified teacher who has experience working with multiple age groups. Our distance learning coordinator will ensure your child makes it on to their LIVE classes each day and follows their assigned projects to complete schoolwork on time.


Flexible programs mean you can attend based on your needs.

Perfect for the working parent.

Schools may not be available for in-person learning for quite some time. If you need a full time option for your child, we’ve got you! We will keep kids involved from 8am-3pm, with the option for extended stay. You can also choose half day or half week options.

Perfect for the parent that just needs a little break.

Parents, let’s be honest. Many children have trouble focusing on school in a home environment. And if you’re working from home, you’re hardly getting anything done between “how do you do this?”, “can I have a snack?” and “am I done yet?”

Let us take the stress off you for a morning, an afternoon, or a couple days a week! Flexible scheduling means you can sign up for the level of assistance you need.

why s3 club connect?

It’s not “sit and study” and it’s not babysitting. It’s an opportunity for your child to engage with other students, get help with their remote learning, and have important opportunities for stress management, growth mindset activities, and arts enrichment.

Kids NEED to socialize.

We believe that socialization is KEY to our kids mental health & well being.

In our program, we structure learning time and social time around your child’s school schedule. They will be able to do all LIVE classes with their instructor in a focused, quiet environment.

When it’s time to get the wiggles out, students will be able to jump right out of their desk and do a quick stretch or wake up activity right there in their “box,”

And for lengthier arts enrichment activities, we will have another studio set up for drama, music, art, dance, and more!

Who said school has to be sitting at a computer all day?

Kids need structured breaks and a clear vision of how their day will go.

At Studio 3, we teach all about growth mindset. Our support staff have many years of experience with children. They will help them stay on track for school while having fun in a safe and supportive environment.

Choose from

Full Day
Full Week


30% savings

Half day (am or pm) full week

8-11:30am OR 11:30-3pm

20% savings

Full Day
Half Week

M/W/F or T/TH

$144/week M/W/F
$102/week T/TH
15-20% savings

Half Day
Half Week

8-11:30am OR 11:30-3pm

$90/week M/W/F
$60/week T/Th
20% savings

Call-ahead drop ins will be available only as space permits.
$40 per half day or $70 per full day. 
You must book 24 hours in advance to secure your spot.
Space is limited to 9 students per classroom. We currently have 2 classrooms available.
Once spaces are filled, you may join a wait list for the days and times you prefer.

What's Included?

Support for remote learning

Studio 3 staff will support remote learning and assist with online technology. (Students bring their own computers or tablets)
Students will attend their virtual classes at their own work stations and complete their daily school work.

Stress management techniques

Brain breaks
Confidence building
Wiggle time

Arts enrichment activities

Visual Arts
Special Projects

Keeping our children safe

Limited enrollment to allow for social distancing.
Masks are required for students & staff.

Students may only remove mask while sitting at their work station.
Students work 8-10 feet apart at individual desk stations.
No shared items or food.
Frequent hand washing/sanitizing.
Temperature checks upon arrival.
Full day full week students are given the same desk each day.


Studio 3 Membership Fee: $35 (current students do not need to pay this again)

Billing is run in 4 week cycles due every 4 weeks via automatic payment. Holiday closures will be prorated for all students.

Absences & Illness

If a child or household family member becomes ill with Covid-19, they will need to provide a negative Covid test upon returning to S3 Club Connect after a 14 day quarantine period. A credit will be applied to the next billing cycle for any days missed due to illness.

Withdrawals & Cancellations

Families may withdraw at any time, but must give 2 weeks written notice via email before the next billing cycle. Cancellations for individual classes/weeks must be made 7 days before the date of class. There will be no refunds issued. Families who cancel at least 7 days before the class will be issued a credit toward the next billing cycle.

Extended hours

Extended hours will run from 7:30am – 8:00am and from 3:00pm – 5:00pm. Extended care costs $10 per week per half hour. Children will have the opportunity to engage in quiet activities at their station during this time or can upgrade to one of our Studio 3 Member Classes.

S3 Club Connect Sample Day

Instructional time will vary by student, based on their district.
When registering, you will let us know your child’s LIVE class schedule.
Morning Socialization & Check In
Arts Enrichment
Instructional Time
Active Break
Instructional Time
Lunch / Socialization & Check in-out for Half Day Students
Arts Enrichment Activity
Instructional Time
Active Break
Snack Break
Assignment Completion / Quiet Time
Afternoon Pickup
First day of S3 Club Connect
Closed for Labor Day
Closed for Fall Break (Studio 3 Camps Available)
Closed for Halloween
Closed for Thanksgiving
Closed for Winter Break
Closed for Spring Break (Studio 3 Camps Available)
Closed for Spring Holiday
Closed for Memorial Day
Last day of S3 Club Connect