A Full immersion program

Studio 3’s Pre-Professional Training Program is a full immersion program for students dedicated to their performing arts training, and wanting to see maximum growth and progress.

These students have a shared ambition and drive toward their training, and want to commit their time to the performing arts over other outside activities.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Core classes are with other Pre-Professional students – like minded focus-driven students who want to learn as much as you do!
  • Weekly office hours with your mentor director
  • Weekly masterclass style session on industry topics to shape you into a well-rounded professional-ready performer
  • Two 15-minute goal & progress sessions – start & midyear
  • Attend assessment examinations in the spring where you will receive personalized feedback on each area of study
  • Eligibility to audition for Performing Company or our Junior Assistant Teacher Program
  • Custom-selected material just for you from professional coaches
Get the materials you need to be successful when theatre returns to the stage!

Students who train in this program will receive:

  • Songs chosen to fit their vocal range and type for future auditions
  • Monologues chosen to fit the types of roles they want to audition for
  • Coaching on this material to present it in a professional and prepared manner
  • Mentorship on how to prepare for college auditions and choosing a career path that’s right for them

Regardless of whether you pursue a professional career in the arts, the life skills you gain from being part of theatre are invaluable.

course requirements

1.5 Hour Industry pro class*

*This class is ONLY available to Pre-Professional students

1 hour vocal tech or .5 hour private

It is recommended to do the 1 Hour Vocal Tech Class as well as a .5 hour private for maximum results.

1.5 Hour dance technique class

Encompasses Jazz, Ballet, and Broadway Rep.

2 elective classes or company

Company is a 3 hour commitment.

.5 Hour flexibility

A vital class to help students succeed.

Why not let students choose any 6 or more hours?

Students in this program sign up because they want to be the most well-rounded professional-ready performers they can be. Even if they don’t pursue a performing arts based career, the skills they will develop in this program will impact them in a positive way and prepare them for the future.

The classes chosen for this program work together to produce the strongest results.

Students in this program grow together because they train TOGETHER.

Because the students in this program are like minded, focus-driven students, we are able to offer a more focused, results-driven program.

This program is by audition only.

There are a limited number of spaces available for this program. This allows our mentor teachers to focus on the group and give each student plenty of one on one attention during class time.