Performing Company


Shows have been shut down, canceled, and postponed. 

Performers’ hearts have been broken. 

They’re itching to get back on stage and hungry for opportunities to perform in front of an audience.

In-person performances may be on hold, but that won’t stop us from creating memorable performance opportunities for our students! In this brand new company program, our kids will have the opportunity to do more than just sing and dance. They will work with mentor directors to create their very own broadcast performances on Studio3TV. These digital shorts, created for social media platforms such as YouTube and IGTV will include music videos, comedy sketches, reviews, and more!


Kids will be singing, dancing, acting, sharing art, public speaking and learning all about multimedia broadcasting! They’ll even have the opportunity to step into the behind-the-scenes roles like directors, camera operators, writers or editors.


You don’t have to be a triple threat to audition! We’re taking all types of talents this year – join as a singer, dancer, actor, triple threat, editor, content creator, and more! And we won’t have multiple “groups” or “levels” like in the past. This year there will be a Mini Company for ages 6-10 who meet 2 hours per week, and have the opportunity to star in the videos while singing, dancing, and/or acting.

Here's what we're making!

Music Videos

News Stories

SHaring Art or Talents

Awareness & Inclusivity Pieces

& more!

We’re getting YOUR voice heard!

Company FAQ

At Studio 3, community is one of our largest pillars, and we strive to create something special we call the Studio 3 Family.

Students who are part of our company program: 

  • Build lifelong friendships (even the parents make great friendships and build a community!) 
  • Share goals and interests 
  • Push each other to achieve their best and continue to grow 
  • Look out for each other during hard times and give each other support 
  • Develop life skills such as leadership, communication, collaboration, and more!
  • Learn how to project plan from start to finish, storyboard for their videos, write scripts and prompts, create concepts, and more. 
  • Above all, these kids will create an amazing feeling of accomplishment that will hopefully come close to the joy of live performance and seeing a finished “show” come to completion.

Anyone ages 6+ (Kindergarten or higher) can audition for company. Students can join as triple threat performers OR as a dancer or singer. Though we will use singing and dancing in the videos, we will allow all students to be “just a dancer” or “just a singer” for this performing experience.

There will be only 2 levels of company this year.

  • Mini Company will meet 2 hours per week, perfect for our younger and newer performers ages 6-10.
  • Company for students ages 10-18 will meet 3 hours per week.

Like it or not, technology is not going away. Social media and apps like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok are here to stay. More and more, things like video auditions and cutting music have become the norm.

Though parents set guidelines and boundaries for kids on social media, there really has never been a program to “teach” kids how to safely navigate these platforms. We are hoping to bridge that gap with mentor teachers who can guide the students through navigating social media and making positive choices in content creation. We will address internet safety and social media etiquette and help kids create amazing content that puts a positive message out into the community. (And they DON’T have to have access to social media at all)

No, kids will be cast into rotating small groups on a project by project basis.

Do you remember the 80s/90s TV shows “Kids Incorporated” & “KidSongs”?

Have you ever listened to KidzBop or watched the KidzBop videos?

Think of this as a modern day version, taking into account current trends and music styles.


  • To be a member of Company, you must be in either the Extension or Pre-Professional programs. With these programs, each student will be focusing on training & education.


  • The Studio 3 Family is something we’ve watched grow over many years. 
  • We will be looking for opportunities to use our digital content in outreach capacities.


  • This new program will allow a variety of students to step into leadership positions, so everyone understands the values of teamwork, delegation, and setting an example to others. With every piece of content we put out, we are representing the voices of youth and can use these videos for positive influence!

We plan to use one Saturday per month to do some additional filming projects, especially when we are able to do things like on-location filming.

We’re also planning some other cool stuff!

  • monthly team-building/social events
  • weekly optional zoom check-ins and chats
  • access to office hours with directors

As our ever-changing situation evolves, we will examine the possibility of on-location video shoots, lock-ins, get-togethers and all the other parts of company you love… but not until it is safe for everyone to do so!

We hope that when things return to “normal” we will bring back our Showstoppers program complete with community performances and potential competitions and educational performance trips

But for now, we’re excited about this new venture!


Company is family!

Create lifelong friendships.

Learn valuable life skills like teamwork, collaboration, and leadership.

Weekly zoom check-ins & social time.

Monthly socials or events for team bonding.

Produce some amazing videos together!

What to prepare for your audition

You will audition in the areas you’d like to participate in the video.

If you just want to dance, you’ll only audition in dance. If you want to be a triple threat performer, you’ll audition in all 3 areas!

Dance Audition – Prepare the jazz placement routine for 2020-2021.

Vocal Audition – Prepare the vocal placement song for 2020-2021 AND 1 other contrasting 16 bar cut that best showcases your voice.

Acting Audition – Prepare the placement monologue for 2020-2021. Optional: You are welcome to perform an additional monologue no longer than 30 seconds.

How to schedule your audition

Students interesting in auditioning during the summer of 2020 will audition as part of their placements (indicate this on your pre-registration form!).

Wanting to audition later in the season? No Probelm!

Please email us at info@studio3arts.com to schedule your audition.

  • Use the subject line: 3TV Audition FIRST & LAST NAME
  • Let us know your name, your age, and all days & times you are NOT available to audition.
  • Include a 2-week period for conflicts from the day you send the email.
  • We will be in contact with you for a specific audition time.